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Knut Kalbertodt


Knut Kalbertodt has a special interest in interdisciplinary theatre work and applied improvisation. Together with Verena Lohner and Wolfgang Lüchtrath, he has developed theatrical formats that promote democratic political discourse. In addition, he is a director at theatre group Steife Brise from Hamburg. Knut started his acting career in the off-theatre scene of the Ruhr area in 1984 and at various theatres in western and northern Germany from the mid-1990s. He also studied sports in Bochum and Cologne, majoring in play education. Knut’s interest in improv started when he, almost by chance, took a two-week improvisation course with Keith Johnstone in Berlin. He has been infected by the impro bug ever since. He has been performing at Steife Brise in Hamburg since 2002.


Knut Kalbertodt