Application Deadline: April 5, 2020 at 23.59 CET.

Thank you for being interested in Improfest Sweden! We are looking for all kinds of improv groups to participate at our festival.

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Please provide full name for each member of the act who plans on attending. You can change this at a later date.

What inspires you? What's your style? What else would be helpful for us to know about your act?

This is the promotional description of your act. What you write in your application is what we intend to put on our website and in our printed programme. Please spend some time spell checking and thinking about phrasing. We reserve the right to modify, shorten, edit, and rewrite your texts.

Don’t mention the words improv or improvised to describe your group or show. Of course it it improvised. It is an improv festival. Tell us what we don’t already know.

Most acts in the open performance slots at Improfest are 25-30 minutes. We do make the occasional exception, but only very rarely.

All shows will be provided with 4 chairs, lights up at the top of the set and a black out to end the set. If you require any additional or different tech for your show, please note it here.

IMPORTANT! If you post a link here, make sure that it is of a full performance that is recent enough to reflect what you plan to perform at Improfest Sweden. We are not interested in highlight reels, only full performances!

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