September 24, 2022 19:20
60 minutes
Örngatan 6, 416 67 Göteborg

The Painter

Actors, musicians, and singers in a musical theater experience like no other. This improvised show is directed live by the inimitable Omar Galvan using only a sign language designed specifically for the stage.

Gorgeous, strange, and poetic!

Omar Galvan
Omar Galván (Argentina)
Kristin Augutis
Kristin Augutis (Sweden)
Ella Galt
Ella Galt (Spain)
Peter Nordstrand
Peter Nordstrand (Sweden)
Rik Brown
Rik Brown (Australia)
Anna Maria Engberg
Anna Maria Engberg (Sweden)

Roger Skogholm
Roger Skogholm (Sweden)
Hanna Bendz
Hanna Bendz (Sweden)