July 21, 2022 20:00
60 minutes
Konstkollektivet K-Hallen
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Stupid Lovers

Double Date with Art

Group: Stupid Lovers (Karlsruhe/Zurich, Germany/Switzerland)

Get together, drink a glass of wine, chat about art – that was the plan for the evening: Four friends are celebrating the acquisition of a piece of art. But what starts as a pleasant evening, slowly gets out of control. Suppressed sentiments emerge, old scars begin to ache, unwanted erotic feelings sprout. Everybody has an opinion on everything and everything has a double meaning. Hell, that’s the others. And the entrance to hell is an invitation to a private vernissage.

In this format, the Stupid Lovers invite two actors to an intimate play, inspired by Yasmina Reza’s theatre. The evening unfolds into an endless spiral of possible escalations and embraces the impossibility to stay civilized for more than 20 minutes.