July 23, 2022 19:30
Konstkollektivet Repan
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Primalimpro + Living. Dying. Dead.

Centrifugal Force

Group: Primalimpro (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Primalimpro presents a show that will make you stick to the walls and spin off into space! It is a rapid, joyful, and fickle show with a lot of laughter, many mistakes and a few surprises!

Living. Dying. Dead.

Group: Living. Dying. Dead. (London, United Kingdom)

Living. Dying. Dead. is looking at death, dying, and bereavement through the lens of improvisation. Taking real life experiences of bereavement, the actors weave stories that are both poignant and humorous.