July 22, 2022 21:00
60 minutes
Konstkollektivet Repan
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Plus Support + GLB

[Town to be Confirmed]

Group: Plus Support (London/Canterbury, United Kingdom)

Plus Support will be coming to Improfest Sweden with their show [Town to be Confirmed], having toured many festivals and theatres in the UK. The show is tailored to each place they visit, set in a fictional town which just so happens to be like the one they are in…


Group: GLB (Berlin, Germany)

GLB is one of Berlin’s first English language improv teams and a house team at Comedy Café Berlin. Formed in 2013, GLB is one of the first teams to bring North American-style longform improv to the German Hauptstadt, and has been performing continuously since then – from claustrophobic basement bars to the English Theatre Berlin, and the massive Del Close Marathon in New York City and SlapDash in London. GLB members teach improv through The CCB Training School and have trained a new generation of fantastic improvisers in Berlin.