July 24, 2022 9:00
3 hours
Konstkollektivet K-Hallen
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Peas in a Pod

Being unique is wonderful. But what happens when we put it aside for a moment and join another actor on stage? Or even two? Or more? For the audience seeing performers vibing and acting together is very assuring and pleasant, it can be romantic or touching, and of course - it can be hilarious. Really hilarious. In this workshop we’ll discover the power and magic of this unison, being two peas in a pod with our partner, almost becoming one, in total acceptance. We will share our character, energy, tone, intentions and much more. And when we reach this level of listening and relying on each other, we’ll see how we can find our own voice in it and explore what happens if we break this pattern. “Peas in a pod” is one more valuable tool we can add to our improviser’s toolbox. It can open up options during a whole narrative long form or just for glimpse as a side character. It can spice up our short form. It can help us maintain an interesting and non-chaotic group scene (these tend to get out of hand real fast). It can even help us create abstract and amorphic scenes. And it can do much more, when we make it our own. No worries, we are still unique, forever.