July 23, 2022 13:00
3 hours
Konstkollektivet Lilla Salen
Baazgatan 7, Mölndal

Meaningful Relationships

Touching stories come from the relationships we see on stage. Often these stories we see revolve around love and its complications but in this workshop, we bring our focus on other meaningful relationships and feelings we could show to our audience. Friendships that know no borders, ex-partners that raise a child together, a character worrying for someone, being proud of someone, being disgusted by someone etc. We look at different characters we don’t get to see in the spotlight so often and how people in these relationships play with status and each other. We listen to the things they usually tell to each other and try to find out what are the things they still keep hiding.There are many stories out there we haven’t told yet. Let’s make room for them.