July 22, 2022 18:00
60 minutes
Konstkollektivet Repan
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Isaac’s Brain is Very Crowded + Saída Sul

Isaac Explores The Multiverse

Group: Isaac’s Brain is Very Crowded (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Isaac — or at least his brain — presents a wacky meditation on cosmic balance and imbalance. Prepare for a solo improvised science fiction epic inspired by post rock tunes, nerdy film scores, and big philosophical questions. Come see Isaac play tons of characters across the expanse of time, space, and sanity, and maybe learn something about the tendfer bonds that hold millions of universes together in a loving quantum embrace.

At your own risk.

Things of Things

Group: Saída Sul (Brasília/Lisbon, Brazil/Portugal)

Improvisation • Storytelling • Clown • Object Theater

Everything has a thing that makes us remember other things. In this show, improviser Luana Proença plays with things that can be other things.