July 23, 2022 18:00
60 minutes
Konstkollektivet K-Hallen
Baazgatan 7, 431 61 Mölndal

Improbotics + ImPresent

Rosetta Code

Group: Improbotics (from all over the world)

Welcome to the first ever AI-powered multilingual improvised theatre show. Multilingual humans and robots connect via artificial intelligence to improvise comedy with live translation! It is performed by an international troupe of humans and robots, based in London, Stockholm, Antwerp and Montréal. Improvisers speaking different languages will perform comedy in their native languages (English, Swedish, French), while being understood or hilariously misunderstood. Our ‘comedy of speech-recognition errors’ will certainly bring a new meaning to being lost in translation. Two computer artists join the ensemble, residing at the side of the stage.


Group: ImPresent (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Infinite possibilities open up when two clowns take the stage. Imaginary worlds are born, connecting us all...like strings.

Strings is inspired by the worlds of theatrical clowning, improvisation and physical theatre. The two clowns will find pure joy by completely breaking the fourth wall, being in direct contact with the audience, making them a part of their playfulness and, therefore, the show. Dressed in truth and authenticity ImPresent seek to create a poetic world where reality and imagination break free to create a world full of fantasy and metaphor.