September 24, 2022 10:00
6 hours including lunch break
Örngatan 6, 416 67 Göteborg

Halvklart: Improvised Acting

We take inspiration from the world of scripted theatre and work to become more effective on stage and how we can work on broadening our playing style by working with character motivations, language, silence and simply how we move on stage.

The workshop will include exercises that combine scripts with improvisation where you practice your ability to listen and adapt your style and language so that your improvised lines sound like they were part of the same theatrical performance as the script. In doing this we also learn how to be both more effective and flexible in character driven storytelling.

This workshop is in English.

About the Teacher: Anton Romanus

Anton is theatre director, teacher and improviser at Gbgimpro and has been a member of the group since spring 2012. Anton began his theatrical career on the board of the Gothenburg Student Theatre. He was one of the founders of the theater sports group Rattle, which for many years competed and won theater sports competitions in and outside Gothenburg. Since then, Anton has both taught and played impro in Sweden, Germany, Holland, USA and Canada.

Outside of Gbgimpro Anton has played comic long form with Anders Fors in the duo Puppy. And in recent years also focused on more grounded, dramatic impro, both at Gbgimpro and also together with Agnes Edvall under the name The Serious Duo.