September 23, 2022 19:00
60 minuter
Örngatan 6, 416 67 Göteborg


Halvklart is a collaboration between Gbgimpro and freelance actors. The actors have rehearsed scripts, one part of a dialogue, that they have to stick to, and the improvisers from Gbgimpro have to improvise the other part. Without knowing what script it is or any prerequisites at all, the improvisers plunge into the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect while the actors, for their part, are challenged to make their lines work with the situation that arises. And through this impossible task beautiful, hilarious or poignant scenes are born.

Who knows, maybe a scene from Shakespeare turns into a bumbling farce, or the drama of  Norén becomes feelgood comedy? We guarantee exciting and fascinating scenes in this creative meeting, and of course lots of laughter! Welcome to Halvklart!

The ensemble for Halvklart this evening:

Ella Galt, Hjalmar Hardestam, Rik Brown, Anton Romanus, Sofie Gällerspång, Martin Gustafsson, Martin Olsson, Ida Lingegård.