September 25, 2022 10:00
6 hours including lunch
Örngatan 6, 416 67 Göteborg

Backstory: Action Impro

A workshop for those who want to learn how to become a better physical improviser. In a safe environment, you will have the opportunity to practice abilities that are inspired by Gbgimpro's popular show Backstory!

We take inspiration from the world of stagefighting and work on expanding our narrative storytelling by working with cinematic stage pictures, cool dialogues and complex characters.

Part of the workshop will also include exercises in advanced storytelling as well as game of the scene and how to combine the two styles in a fun way. Prepare yourself for a very challenging format that will make your brain burn!

About the Teacher: Martin Gustafsson

Martin is artistic director, teacher and improviser at Gbgimpro, one of the country's most established and appreciated groups. He is also a member of Primalimpro and Drömduon together with Sandra Johansson. He is a trained theatre teacher at Sweden's only theatre teacher education at the University of Gothenburg. Martin has traveled to the United States and Canada and taught at various theater festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. He has performed on stages such as Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary and with Helge Skoog at Improfest in Gothenburg. He is an extreme impro nerd who believes that impro will one day revolutionize the world.