I write to tell you about Improfest Sweden in August.

Naturally, the ongoing pandemic will affect us greatly. It is still our intention to go through with the festival. However, it will be a very different experience this year, as we adapt to regulations about large gatherings and social distancing.

This means that it will be a much smaller festival. But instead of complaining about that which we can do nothing about, we will treat the size and scope as a feature rather than a flaw. With a new smaller venue, it will be easier than ever to meet and engage with other improvisers, to network, share experiences, and just get to know each other. This year, the festival is for the enthusiasts!

There will be a Gala Show at 2Lång in the Gothenburg entertainment district, but the rest of the event will take place at a wonderful new venue in central Mölndal, nearby. Improfest Sweden will be the first new major event at this space.

Fo obvious reasons, we have had trouble booking international performers and teachers.  We did manage to make a few bookings just before the pandemic hit Europe, but we don’t even know if they will actually make it here.

We will make a final decision regarding our international teachers and performers on June 20. If we are not sure they can make it to the festival, we may have to cancel their events. However, we do have a backup plan.

Also, don’t forget to check out our wonderful line up of performers! This year there will be predominantly Swedish acts, and many local participants. Actually, we probably do have room for a few more shows, so email peter@odramatiska.se, if you’re interested in performing.

One last hint: For cheap accomodation, book a room at a hostel or hotel now! You can always cancel later. Here are a few inexpensive places, that are located near the main venue:

Göteborgs Vandrarhem (hostel)
Spoton Hotel & Sportbar (hostel & hotel)
Hotel Mölndals Bro (hotel)

Feel free to contact Peter (peter@odramatiska.se) if you have any questions or ideas about the festival.

Welcome to a strange and fantastic festival!

You friendly festival organizer.

Peter Nordstrand